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Word of the Week

By 30 June 2022No Comments

This week sees the last of our walai-walai djau tucker. This is the best time of the year to collect honey from the hives of the mabi (native bees) as it is at its sweetest and the bees are less active. Another source of sweetness was the nyarra (flowers) of the Banksia, the nectar could be sucked from the flower cones or soaked in dunga-bula (fresh water) to make a sweet drink. The fruit of the pir’ri (grey mangrove) are ready for gathering but need to have all the toxins removed before eating and if after all the ma’djim you felt like a bit of murang (meat) you could feast on girraman (flying fox) or buyum (witchety grubs) which are also very plentiful.



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