Korrawinga Butchulla Language Knowledge and Learning
Nyanga Buranga Burangam

look, listen, learn and know

Butchulla language is the traditional mother tongue of K’Gari (Fraser Island) Hervey Bay which includes the surrounding areas.
The Butchulla area stretches from the Burrum River in the north to Double Island Point in the south and to Bauple Mountain in the west.
Our main objective is to facilitate the maintenance of our traditional mother tongue by reviving, reclaiming and renewing our language which strengthens an understanding of our unique culture.
The program offers the opportunity to learn by sharing in a safe environment, how the Butchulla language is used in many different components.
Knowledge we love to provide to the community who are interested in learning and sharing a different culture. This program will provide knowledge and history of the Butchulla people in a fun and caring environment with the program being developed by caring knowledgeable Elders and delivered in a respectful manner.